Monday, March 7, 2011

I am safe (saying I am fine wouldn't really be appropriate), my family and I have been so blessed in both of the large earthquakes that have shook Christchurch. We always had power and water, our house is not destroyed. The area I live in is relatively free of damage and reminders of the heartbreaking disaster that has occurred.

It almost makes it worse, to live somewhere where it looks so peaceful, so normal. You can't escape the footage on the news, which for the first week my face was glued too, tears streaming down my face. I feel like my home is not my home anymore. People are trying to stay positive and looking towards rebuilding and restarting. It will probably take years until we are in any way back to normal. However our city will never look the same again, and feeling safe seems like a far off dream.

Thanks to those who have shown concern and support.