Monday, January 24, 2011

Being a student officially sucks

At the moment I feel my life in a holding pattern. I feel like I'm waiting for real life to begin, real life being when I become an adult, when I'm not longer a student and when I can start putting things on hold (like travel, moving, getting on with life).

Any one who has done postgraduate study will probably know where I'm coming from. I'm currently entering my 7th year of study and I really feel I couldn't stand being a student any longer - If I couldn't see the finish line I would be constantly curled up in a corner somewhere rocking.

I felt like having goals to work towards has been helpful, but at the same time I feel that my life just consists of working towards milestones in my study and nothing else. Hence the feeling of real life being non-existent. It's taken a toll on my life, but at the same time I have to feel like it's all been worth it. One of the only things that stops me quitting is that after all those years I wouldn't have much to show for myself.

I know this is probably not the last time I will feel like this - there will probably be times later in my life where I feel again like I'm in a holding pattern. I think there is this fairytale in my head that everything will be better once I'm done.


So now instead of procrastinating (thank you internets) I should be focusing on finishing my thesis so I can get on with the next stage of waiting to become an adult.