Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Earthquake - very surreal indeed

The Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand was hit by an earthquake - one of the places hit the worse was Christchurch, my home town and where I currently live. The reports are a little sketchy I think it's been downgraded and it's been officially reported as being 7.1 on the Richter scale (larger than the one that shook Haiti, yet we are blessed to have gotten off so lightly), we've also been experiencing aftershocks, many being above 3.

It's really surreal, there are pockets of horrible damage, building collapsed, streets cracked and flooded. At the same time some places are relatively unaffected, in my house hardly anything fell over, things perched precariously on shelves stayed where they were, the only thing that tumbled was a necklace stand. The rest of the house is relatively unaffected too - we have many treasures from my parents travels, beautiful, breakable and irreplaceable things all of which are fine.
Photo:David Alexander AP
Some people were not so lucky. Their houses are uninhabitable, they are in rescue centres, one which is in a school near my house. Yet I can wander round my suburb and see that people are slowly getting back to normal here, even though the aftershocks are still shaking us.

My personal experience? As I first knew what was happening (shaken awake at 4.35am, it took a second for my brain to realise *Earthquake*) - I was excited, this was something that doesn't happen in in places like this. I think since there was little damage to my house the seriousness of it didn't strike me. The power was out from the time of the quake and I managed to hear some reports on the radio but it wasn't until I was able to see the T.V news report later in the afternoon and the see some of the damage that it really struck home.

Photo - Canterbury University Library (from the UC Website)
The University is closed for a week - to check it's safe and to tidy up, we were due back this week from holidays but no such luck (more of a hassle for us postgraduate students since we never really left). The damage looks horrible though, bookshelves toppled like dominoes. 

I think we're going to be okay though. I hope that if you have family here you've managed to get in touch with them and know that they are safe, and that they haven't suffered too much damage.
The news reports and pictures showing the very worst damage can give the idea that Christchurch has been swallowed up by the earth or is lying in ruins so I can understand that a lot of people overseas may have been in a panic (I know my sister over in Germany was!).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashion time travel

Sorry for the long absence, been having crisis of time management and technical difficulties. Laptop is back now and hopefully some semblance of posting will resume.

A while ago (meaning last year!) I went on a trip to Auckland and visited the museum, as is the proper touristy thing to do. I particularly enjoyed their fashion throughout the ages exhibit, and took some photos (horrible inside museum quality photos, photographer I am not) with the purpose of sharing them on the blog but never got round to it. However, no time like the present.

I can't really remember what era each of the picture comes from - silly me, forgot to take notes or some from of reminder, I just thought they were pretty...

The dresses from the earlier periods were all displayed on what looked to be relatively short mannequins, I'm guessing the people were shorter then? Look at that tiny waist - this is the short of dress that I would have liked to go to the ball in... Oh the drama!

1920s! Look at the beading on the number I know something like this would do be no favours but the idea of shimmering away in this would make me feel divine.

The devil is in the details - the draping, the collar, the cuffs. If I could get away with running around in this getup on a regular basis I probably would.

This one was in another exhibit, but I through it in because I thought it was adorable....

I love pouring over fashion exhibits in museums. In 100 years time I wonder how our era will be represented? I wonder if in 100 years time what those little glass boxes that the decades of our centuries will be condensed into will look like?