Friday, June 25, 2010

What the heck happened??

Hi guys...

You may be wondering what happened to me, or you may not be, that's cool too.

Well I got busy, and then I thought I would just shut down the blog. I was still reading you guys, but just didn't have any energy to comment - stuff has been hectic y'all.

I had been thinking a lot about privacy issues and having my face splashed all over the Internet, and while I know that people I'm worried about who may come into contact with this may actually not it's still an issue for the job I'm going into. So then I thought, I'll just shut it I made it private while I decided. Hence no updates if you follow through reader and no access if you tried to get into the site.

But....I really didn't want to shut down the blog. Although I am a sporadic blogger I really enjoy having it there, plus it makes me feel a lot more connected to the whole community. So hence I've decided to go a bit anonymous from now on. I contemplated starting a new blog, but I've become attached to this one, and as far as I know no one has really found it so it should be okay.

So I've done a bit of editing, everything with my face on it is gone, and everything a bit too personal is gone too. And that's how it's going to stay. I'd like to keep doing outfit photos, so I'm going to think about how to work around that, (I don't like the idea of a chopped off head kinda of dealy...). Also while I was at it I decided to give the blog a make over, what do you think?

So here's hoping for some regular posting and that you guys are still around, I'll try to make my presence felt a bit more round your neck of the woods too.

Ah fresh starts, feels great.