Monday, April 5, 2010

I might cry

I realise I'm beginning to lose followers. This might be because I haven't posted in about it a month.

I don't have an excuse. I haven't been particularly busy, or particularly inspired (to write or in my outfits).

I keep dangling the I'm back carrot only to show it's a big lie. I'm losing the following that I was building, like a bowling ball slowly going down the lane and then finally going in the gutter because it doesn't have enough steam ( I played Wii on the weekend).

I'm around, I'm reading but not commenting that's even too much effort. We'll see what happens. Still love you all.


piglet said...

To be honest I'm feeling a bit the same. I feel like some days I force myself to blog or comment.

sanchez said...

:( Oh I know how you feel, it takes a while to get back into the gist of writing and blogging. Maybe your just tired of it? Though I always feel awfully sad when I lose a follower.

It's like when you talk to someone, and an awkward silence happens, and you don't know what to say and instead the person you were trying to talk to walks away.

Elissa said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment! Just wanted to say that I did a similar thing this winter, things were not going well for me personally and I had to take a blog break and I've definitely lost some readers. Now that I'm back on a more regular basis (I try to post 3x a week) I think I'm starting to gain again but I would say to not worry and that as soon as you are ready to blog again, the readers will eventually find you! That's just how the internet is-- like a cat. If something looks alive, they chase it!!

Bridey said...

That post described my current attitude to blogging perfectly! (Especially the reading but not commenting bit...)

I don't mind so much when bloggers I follow post less. I'd rather that than having "filler" posts cluttering up my reader!

Don't be hard on yourself, it's better to come back to blogging when you really want to, not becuase you feel like you have to.

Eyeliah said...

Girl, don't be sad. Blog when you have time and things to say, don't' pressure yourself to post unless you want to, you know? People who really love your blog will be here regardless of how long between posts/how often you post. Lots of love xoxo

esme and the lane way said...

I find my blogging time goes up and down. But it should be fun, not a chore, so just do it when you want to :)

Chickie Little said...

Blogging does feel like a full time job sometimes. I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to due to baby, and reading blogs sometimes doesn't happen for a week or two either. You're definitely not alone on this.