Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cluttered desk, cluttered mind?

Miss me much? My absence from the virtual world has allowed me to take some time to recuperate emotionally and do some deep and meaningful thinking.....Which actually translates to me just generally not doing that much. Taking time out has been good though. I am about ready to immerse myself back into life, and the new shape it will take. Taking time out has gotten me noticing things though. One thing I noticed is all this clutter in my life. So what am I going to do about it?

I look around and see stuff, so much stuff. The idea of de cluttering my life has been more and more appealing. The easiest way to start is with all the physical things that have been starting to feel like they are suffocating me. I had let my surroundings steadily descend into a state of chaos, and my consumerism had run rampant - my unhealthy bank balance from month to month could bear witness to that.

So things need to change. Things need to get organised. Things need to go. I need to be ruthless. I have started this process, in that I have started organised what needs to go. Also things in different areas are starting to look organised. What's good about this process is that once I get rid of things that aren't necessary I can then see what is lacking in my life.

There is also clutter in my life in a not so physical sense, a lack of organisation, a need of more scheduling. I feel a lack of control, and this is MY life, I should be in control, and I'm going to take it back.

So what have I mostly been doing? Cleaning, and more cleaning. What I realise it that before things because lovely and tidy they must go through a stage where the look even more messed up then when you began, such is life.

Things are definitely starting to look up. Expect to hear more from me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

You guys are awesome

Just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks for all the support guys - I really appreciate it.

I want to take the time to reply to some of your comments more personally but am a bit busy right now so it will have to wait, just know that I really appreciate each and every one of your little scribblings.

Hopefully I will be back to the blog soon. I am also keeping up with your blogs (even though I might not be commenting as much)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Going through some personal stuff at the moment so will be a bit absent.

Please stay with me, I would hate to lose you guys just when I'm starting to get this baby really up and running.

I just have to say good friends are priceless in your life, like I knew my friends were great but I only realise how damn freaking amazing they are in times like these.

Talk to you soon.