Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Celebrate anyway you know how

Thanks for all the commiseration on my last post, and also the compliments really brightened my mood.

This is just a quick note to say Merry Christmas (or whatever version of the holiday you celebrate) to everyone .
Hope your holidays are filled with love, good food and good company.

Normal service will resume after the holidays I'm off to stuff my face and vege out watch movies.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The tale of my Jeffrey Campbell Potion wedges

If you remember back to this post I was super excited about the arrival of my Jeffrey Campbell Potion buckle wedges. Well they arrived, and there was a small setback but I didn't want to post about it until I went about fixing things and the story was finished at least in my head.

So anyway, due to the confusing nature of size charts and reading reviews I ended up going for the size 10 ( I am a size 9 in NZ sizing, a size 40 European and a size 7 UK). Most of the US size charts say that a 40 = 10. When I bought a pair of shoes from F21 in a US 9 they were a bit tight and also I had read that JC's can be a bit narrow, and my feet are very wide so I went a size up. My mantra is that you can always make shoes that are too big fit one way or another, but shoes that are too small will always be too small.

Anyway the 10s ended up being too big, - should have gone for a size 9. But not ridiculously big, they were wearable, if that had been the only problem. When I buckled the buckles to the tightest, they were gaping - I mean I could fit both my hands down the side (regretting not getting a before shot of this, but I just wanted to get them fixed as soon as possible). I think this would have been a problem even if I had gone a size down. They were unwearable if left as they were.

So I took them to a cobbler recommended by a friend to see what could be done. The lovely lady took some measurements and told me she could put in extra holes and trim the leather. If you look closely you can see the altered straps (the holes go right to the end. I had to have the top five straps altered, so my feet are suitable fat, I just have skinny calves), I had to have about five extra holes in each strap.


I guess this is the risk with buying online. I know that my calves are relatively skinny compared to my foot size, but I've never had this big a problem before! It was like the shoes had no allowance for the definition of the leg in them, but just expected some sort of barrel shaped leg.
From what I've seen of the shoe on others in a smaller size (what I assume is a smaller size, it fits beautifully, so maybe it's just something with the larger sizes?)

Anyway this is not meant to be bagging the shoe, just a bit of a rant and a detailing of my experience. I love the shoe and they are probably one of the most comfortable and interesting pair of shoes I have after I fixed them and they were wearable. Plus they pretty much make me look like a leggy amazon battle goddess.


However, the second time I wore them, the rubber sole has already parted from the bottom of one the shoes. Which is really not cool for the price of them, if I got them from a physical shop I would be having words, but with international Internet buying it's really not worth it.

And if the sole of your shoe starts parting from the shoe - I do not recommend trying to stick it back with gum as a temporary fix (no matter how good an idea it seem at the time - JUST DON'T DO IT). Now I have the task of trying to remove gum before I can bring the shoes in and have the sole re glued on (an probably explain why there are remnants of gum inside the sole...)