Monday, September 7, 2009

Some things are so special

Nothing beats getting something in the mail. Nothing is better than a sweet sentiment and knowing that something you've said has made someone feel better.

This reminds me that I should be grateful for all the amazing people in my life - and that most importantly I should tell them.

You Bambola are amazing - thank you so much.

P.S if you haven't checked out her blog - go! she is too fabulous for words and so genuine you will love her.


Bambola said...

Ahh!! You're gorgeous! =) <3 you really are amazing! xxx

Sanchez said...

Yes I totally agree, both about Bambola, and how much mail and a few simple words can do.

I love your blog. <3 It makes me smile.



Charlotte Drene said...

Oh that is very sweet!
Much like your blog!

Rare to find a fellow blogger from Christchurch!

Bug said...

This was great to read, just made my day. Thanks darling :)



Bronnie said...

awww that is too gorgeous :)

and in snail mail?! even better!!

after my Gran's passing it made me think of all the special people in my life too, you've got to let them know all the time!

thank you for your lovely message on my post too :) x

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

that's a really awesomly amazing award piece o mail!