Saturday, August 15, 2009

Checking in

Just to prove I've not fallen into a ditch somewhere. My university work has meant that I have been insanely busy - no time for blog posts, and only a few comments here and there on my must read blogs.
I have a few things planned to post before I realized that everything was happening at once. Things that I will hopefully have time to do once things settle down a little and I have a bit of a holiday (in theory, we don't really get real holidays). Keep getting ideas for posts while I'm supposed to be studying but alas it need to be put to the side!

So keep your eyes peeled, I will be back - thanks for following I'll try to get something worth looking at up here soon!

In the meantime - I keep getting this song stuck in my head constantly it's just so damn catchy, enjoy!


yiqin; said...

OMG now I have the song stucked in my head too!

Quixsa said...

No worries! I understand completely what it's like to have university/school business take over one's life :0/
lol.- that Pixie Lott is delightful.

Bridey said...

I'm looking forward to reading these new posts when you get the chance! In the meantime good luck with your studying :)

asonlysheknows said...

I hear ya babe! My uni work load seems to have exploded like an over-zapped egg. It sucks.

Best of luck & keep at it!! It's nearly summer holidays!! woohooo!

Love that song... the radio stations seem to be abusing it! haha

Bug said...

Keep up the good work at school - I don't blame you for wanting to concentrate on school. Excited to read your future posts.

ambiguous_angel said...

cool blogs!
Im l0ving it..

Eyeliah SS said...

Thanks for saying hi! :)

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Chickie Little said...

Well if you haven't got anything else to blog about.. you've been tagged! (