Monday, July 27, 2009

Bit disgusting today

Getting sick again. Really can't afford it because I have masses of work to do and lots of commitments too! Not much going on in my life - some new purchases which will probably be making an appearance if I ever get an outfit photo soon, but I look kinda disgusting at the moment.

Also thinking about cutting my hair sometime soon - relatively short, to give it a bit of time to recuperate from the constant dyeing. It's not really in the best condition.
I'm a bit undecided though - ready for the change but love growing and having my hair lovely and long, decisions decisions.

Anyway I think I might have a nap. Just thought I might let you know why so silent.


Sarah ~ Lolita of Modern Times ~ said...

Poor girl!!! 'really hope you'll feel better very soon.

Regarding the hair...ahhh... I hate cutting!!! I have very curly hair, and it's like they're never growing... but they are so dry that I oftenly have to cut the ends... So if you don't "have to", don't... or take mine in exchange, lol

take care!

~ Lolita of modern times ~

Bridey said...

Hey, I hope you feel better soon!
And how short is relatively short for your potential hair cut?

piglet said...

Oh you poor thing!
I'm really sick too, its awful.
Hope you feel better soon.

ana b. said...

I'm sure you look fine, love. Can't wait to see the new purchases. As for the hair, I've given my hair a break from all the dyeing and the condition of it has improved so so much! While I loved having long hair, I chopped it and will grow it long in its natural colour.

Charlie said...

Bridey - I was thinking of chopping it quite short (like framing my face short), I've done it before so not too worry about it

Ana - it's always good to give it a break isn't it, I was thinking of growing it long in it's natural colour but I always get bored with it!

Sarah - I would love your curly hair!!

Piglet - I hope I get better soon too, and you get better too!

Bug said...

Everybody seems to be getting sick right now - hope you feel better.

Annie Spandex said...

Oh no! Get well soon!

Quixsa said...

I am in the same boat. I do hope you feel better soon dear! Just make sure to take care of yourself in the middle of all of your commitments.

Chickie Little said...

Argh hope it's not swine flu!

Cutting your hair short will encourage it to grow even more :) It'll summer soon anyway. Reminds me I need my yearly trim - lol!

Charlotte Drene said...

Re: You were bidding on that dress too? Wow, fancy that!

I love! the shoes in the "First of long over due posting" post. Wow, are they great!

Charlotte Drene said...

I know what you are going through...

Cut it short, grow it long...
It's difficult. Watching movies always makes it worse.
Watching arty films, I want to cut it short. Watching films set back in victorian times, grow it long.

Good luck!