Monday, July 27, 2009

Bit disgusting today

Getting sick again. Really can't afford it because I have masses of work to do and lots of commitments too! Not much going on in my life - some new purchases which will probably be making an appearance if I ever get an outfit photo soon, but I look kinda disgusting at the moment.

Also thinking about cutting my hair sometime soon - relatively short, to give it a bit of time to recuperate from the constant dyeing. It's not really in the best condition.
I'm a bit undecided though - ready for the change but love growing and having my hair lovely and long, decisions decisions.

Anyway I think I might have a nap. Just thought I might let you know why so silent.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beginners Guide to Dyeing (clothes) just to be clear

Dyeing can be scary - and I mean clothes - not as in mortality which can also be scary but is a topic for another day. But it can also be a great way to save slightly stained clothes and inject some new life into lack lustre items.
I do not claim to be a expert, in fact I am a raw beginner, so thought I would share some of my experience of how it went for me and some tips I found useful. So think of this as a Beginners guide by a beginner for beginners.

I used Dylon cold water dye - now I had a look at the site and the dye I used looked nothing like the products on there but I'm pretty sure that it's the same brand so I'll pop the link in any way...
I dyed two items - a pair of yellow shorts and a light green dress, both of which had stains on them that would not go, so I thought that dyeing them a darker colour would save items of clothes that I thought I been ruined.

So firstly - follow the instructions on any dye your using - mine told me to add salt, some will also tell you to add other stuff - pays to check in case you need any extras when you come to mixing it up.
First hint - if your going for an intense colour - use as little water as possible but still cover the entire garment, and go for two or three packs of dye. With my shorts I went for a colour called Mexican Red - I used hardly any water and two packs of dye and still didn't get that much of an intense colour. Also remember the colour mixing rules - so for me yellow shorts + red dye = orangey shorts. Which is was I expecting and didn't really mind because I couldn't be bothered with the extra step of whitening. Didn't get a before shot of the shorts but here is the after shot

Another thing to bear in mind when choosing a colour to dye - since buttons don't dye always consider how the new colour is going to match the old buttons. I'm pretty glad that the shorts aren't too red, because bright red and yellow could possible come across too Ronald McDonald now I think about it. Now the button thing is a bit of a no brainer, but something I didn't consider - thread doesn't dye either - so my red/orange shorts also have contrasting yellow thread, which actually looks pretty cool.

Secondly the dress - I actually didn't use cold water dye. I used regular dye, but instead of boiling the whole thing (because I am lazy) I just used boiling water and hoped for the best. Which lead to kind of dubious results really. Not what I was expecting but alright none the less.

Dress before:

Stains were down the bottom:


Ended up with kind of a marble effect - the dye didn't take as well in some places, might have been because I didn't move it round enough in the beginning stages because I was a bit distracted. I also used an old pack of dye, just one pack and hardly any water, so there could have been lots of reasons. However, I actually kind of like the marbled effect.
I used Dylon dye again, a colour called Windsor purple - so purple + green = blue. Also you can't quite see it in the pics but the stitching is all still green and looks really neat.

Some hints overall just from how I did it, not gospel by any means:
  • Don't panic, get too excited over the initial colour, just like with hair dye, most of the colour is going to wash out and the final colour is most likely going to be much lighter
  • WEAR RUBBER GLOVER - dye stains are not fun
  • Moving the garment around a lot in the initial stages will ensure an even coverage and a better end result
  • I leave my stuff in longer than it says on the packet - that's just me, I do the same thing with my hair dye
  • Make sure you give it a wash SEPARATELY after you've dyed it, even if it runs clear after a rinse there will still be more dye left in it

So hopefully that's some help. Overall I had lots of fun and it was great to see the end result of my labours. Would definitely do it again, and it helped saved two items of stained clothing, can't even see the stains anymore!
So guys any dyeing tips of your own? Thinking of dyeing an item yourself?

P.S - thanks for all the lovely comments of the last couple of posts - nothing like compliments to give a girl the warm fuzzies!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Have a look

I know I promised the next post would be about dyeing, and it will be this is not a proper post - just drawing you attention to a giveaway and an awesome creative blogger and her Etsy store.
Erin is having a giveaway of $35.00 credit to her Etsy store Love Erin Designs which has some seriously covetable jewelery! So hop away and enter here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Natural

This is another long over due post. You've probably heard about the the lovely Scarlet Johansen appearing on the cover of French Elle make up less. Other celebrities appeared in the magazine sans makeup - beautiful ladies showing their natural beauty.

After the beautiful Eyeliah posted some gorgeous makeup-less pictures of herself and said how great it would be if others would take part as well.

Well here is my offering, me, without make up, in my most comfy clothes with a bit of a ridiculous look on my face.

[EDIT: I removed the photo not because I was ashamed but because because of the new anonymous nature of the blog. I didn't want to delete the whole post because I really like the sentiment of what I had written so I left it as is minus photo]

To tell you the truth, I don't wear make up daily at all, so this really wasn't too much of a challenge for me, taking a nice close up photo was more of an issue really. I usually only wear make up when going out for the night, because it's fun, and when I'm dressing up it makes it all a bit more glamorous and adds to my outfit.

When I think about it I've never really been complimented extra when I've been wearing makeup compared to when I'm not, so I don't really see make up as something that I need to be beautiful, but rather something that adds to an overall look - like an accessory, that's why I would wear bright eye shadow over something nude.

The only thing I have a real issue with - the bags under my eyes, I usually tend to cover those up, because because come up to me and ask me if I'm feeling alright...but that just means I need more sleep.

So in short, make up is fun, but I don't think that anyone should let us think that we need it to be beautiful - we're already beautiful just the way we are.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

May have built them up a bit too much

After the comments I think maybe the earrings won't live up to the hype - it seems talking about something before you actually post the pictures may build some expectations - I hope your not disappointed. Any way I got my butt into gear and took some photos which were surprisingly hard to do, consider a)crystal glares from the flash, and b) I can't take photos without a flash to save my life, they come out all blurry...

Although it looks kind of cool - like they have a little light in them. Long story short, they were given to us at Christmas by my sister's fiance's sister in law (that was a mouthful) and are originally ornaments, now they are earrings. Although since they are crystal I am paranoid about dropping them on the floor and smashing them!

Also some more picture - from my recent dyeing adventures. I didn't get any from when i did my shorts but I was doing a dress today and got some in between shots, will show the finished product later.

Dye in ready to be mixed

Dye mixed - with a knife - a bit weird I know, but I needed it to open the dye tin, and then I used it to stir. Plus I thought the dye on the the knife looked pretty cool so snapped a pic of it. Now I'm going to go terrorize some children...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My followers seems to be growing more over a short period of time, which compels me to post, due to time constraints however I can't really do much of anything substantial. Usually I take an outfit photo when I come home but it seems the clothes are always coming off before the camera is coming out nowadays, perhaps I should try to catch a snap before I go out hmmm.

Anyway, just to let you know I'm not dead what have I been up to?
I made some earrings - out of some Swarovski Christmas tree ornaments, which I will take some photos of to show you, not a huge effort, but neat all the same.

I also dyed some shorts, which will also make an appearance, along with some recent buys.

I feel like this post is like a promo for a T.V show - coming up soon on I'm a bit of a Geek...tee hee.

On a side note. I went and saw Transformers 2 the other day. Short and Sweet - it was good, better than the first one. My favourite part - the old transformer - if you see the movie you'll know what I mean. Also Bumblebee, I love him, I wish I had one of him.