Monday, June 8, 2009

Sorry if I made you dizzy

I've been playing round with the header - so you haven't been going crazy, things have been changing. As in, yes the photo did change, and no you were not imagining it the photo then became a different size. I'm not quite sure if it's right yet, but it will do for now.
Expect it to be in a bit of a state of flux, it's how I things, change is good.

What do you think of the new header? It was originally just a shot of my socks and shoes for an outfit post but I thought it was a pretty cool perspective shot - me looking geekily at my feet if you will. Plus the inner geek at me loves the idea of a head with knee high socks and matching purple shoes.

That is all for now - longer post later....with outfit photo!

P.S - If you following me on twitter - I've protected my updates so leave me a comment so I know you're a reader and I'll accept your request - If you want to follow me my username is imabitofageek.

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