Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winter is really here

I put the winter sheets on last night - I can't hide from it anymore - on the upside, it was super nice and suggly.

I am getting over one of the worse colds I have had in a long time. I wasn't aware that my body could produce so much mucus. I was a truly disgusting sight. I wish winter was over, I really loathe it. Probably because it has been raining here for like a week. We get horrible rainy days where the wind blows and it's freezing, and you have to run like a mad person to avoid getting swept away - I believe in other countries it would be called a 'typhoon'.
Now if we had a nice winter that was a little bit chilly, with a sprinkling of snow that allowed me to wear cute little dresses and tights, and high heeled boots (without tripping and killing myself on slippery walkways) maybe I would enjoy it a bit more.

Until winter agrees to cooperate I will continue to despise it. Bring on spring!


Em said...

Hope you are feeling better my dear! Stay warm and snuggled, it's the best way :D

asonlysheknows said...

i hear ya babe! i don't mind the chill... but as soon as the wind & rain come out, i'm totally over winter!!

only 3 months to go 'til our gorgeous kiwi summer!!