Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger - I don't blog, plus I am lazy with leaving comments on my fellow bloggers sites. Bad blogger... bad blogger I chide myself, much like a naughty puppy. I am so busy it's not funny though. I am so far behind in everything it's like I am behind in stuff I don't even know about yet - that's how efficient I am at being behind in stuff.

On a more exciting note - I bought the boots from the post below!! I was going to buy them online - but as the shopping gods would have it, just before I was going to buy them, I walked into the store to try them on one more time, and they were on sale - $100 off! I love the shopping gods. I am now a lover of Dr martens too. Well made and comfortable, they wrap my feet in buttery leather all day and do not cause any pain what so ever. They first time I can say that about a heel - no matter what height (I have feet issues - slightly flat feet, bunions, thanks mum, callouses too...). While I was looking for a flat boot I am glad I went for a slight heel - wet weather is no one's friend - and rubber sole - awesome!

Other than that and being a bad blogger. Nothing further to report. Please go out and enjoy life for me - I have a cough that is threatening to separate my throat from the rest of my body...not pleasant!

Peace out.

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