Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winter is really here

I put the winter sheets on last night - I can't hide from it anymore - on the upside, it was super nice and suggly.

I am getting over one of the worse colds I have had in a long time. I wasn't aware that my body could produce so much mucus. I was a truly disgusting sight. I wish winter was over, I really loathe it. Probably because it has been raining here for like a week. We get horrible rainy days where the wind blows and it's freezing, and you have to run like a mad person to avoid getting swept away - I believe in other countries it would be called a 'typhoon'.
Now if we had a nice winter that was a little bit chilly, with a sprinkling of snow that allowed me to wear cute little dresses and tights, and high heeled boots (without tripping and killing myself on slippery walkways) maybe I would enjoy it a bit more.

Until winter agrees to cooperate I will continue to despise it. Bring on spring!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Forever 21 why do you do this to me

Photos via the Forever 21 website

Forever 21 ship internationally - and if you order over $100 they offer a special shipping price for international orders - as if I needed any more incentive...the shipping price was the one thing holding me back, my bank account is going to suffer.

On another note - had an interesting experience today. Saw a movie of an opera performance of Madame Butterfly. It was good, different than an actual opera experience, but still a nice experience. Then went out for dinner and ate way to much rich pasta. Mmmm life is good.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Awesome giveaway you should totally enter

If you guys didn't know Eyeliah at Style Symmetry is celebrating her 1000th post - yay for her! What makes it even more awesome for her readers is that she is celebrating with an awesome giveaway - with two options of some really niffty stuff (one being a cute romper and some other goodies, and the other being a vintage dress, and a hot electric blue belt to name a couple of things!)

So hop here and have a look see! Who doesn't like free stuff! While your there check out the rest of her blog, she really is one awesome lady plus she loves America's Next top model - what's not to like!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger - I don't blog, plus I am lazy with leaving comments on my fellow bloggers sites. Bad blogger... bad blogger I chide myself, much like a naughty puppy. I am so busy it's not funny though. I am so far behind in everything it's like I am behind in stuff I don't even know about yet - that's how efficient I am at being behind in stuff.

On a more exciting note - I bought the boots from the post below!! I was going to buy them online - but as the shopping gods would have it, just before I was going to buy them, I walked into the store to try them on one more time, and they were on sale - $100 off! I love the shopping gods. I am now a lover of Dr martens too. Well made and comfortable, they wrap my feet in buttery leather all day and do not cause any pain what so ever. They first time I can say that about a heel - no matter what height (I have feet issues - slightly flat feet, bunions, thanks mum, callouses too...). While I was looking for a flat boot I am glad I went for a slight heel - wet weather is no one's friend - and rubber sole - awesome!

Other than that and being a bad blogger. Nothing further to report. Please go out and enjoy life for me - I have a cough that is threatening to separate my throat from the rest of my body...not pleasant!

Peace out.