Monday, April 27, 2009

Things are a bit different

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At the moment I am lusting after these, these are a gorgeous boots - and they are doc martens. I have been toying round with the idea of getting some classic doc marten combat style boots and while looking at them came across these beauties. They are a bit more purple than the picture suggests in real like, and are uber comfortable - super well made too. However quite over the price range as to what I was going to spend on a pair of boots. Doc's come with a massive price tag in New Zealand because we get them from England, so the exchange rate means they are very pricey indeed. I am in love though...

On an side note you may have noticed things look a bit different around here. I've gone through and changed things around a bit, to fit more with where I see this blog going. Things are going to change a bit more soon.

I've been finding a bit more time on my hands - may have been because there were holidays?
I've really been missing blogging. Thinking about it has been proving a good distraction from work which has been really hard to get into while on holiday mode.

Well I really should do some sort of work today, I am trying really hard!


Eeli said...

Yay! Another that enjoyed watching Beauty and the Beast AND with their sibling too! lol.

I bought two pairs of military boots a couple months back and am still in <3 lol BUT in saying so these Doc Martens are much more classic in design for boots. Investment pieces? Yes please :D

Btw, you'r studying in ChCh right? :)

ana b. said...

Well good luck on the blogging front. I remember Docs - I didn't know they made boots like these! I always thought it was just like flat 6ups and 10 ups. I had some of those when I was in high school.

asonlysheknows said...

oooh they are nice!! I was cheap this year and went to the good ol' warehouse and picked up a black pair for $35! I'm absolutely thrilled with them. people think they're worth more than that... so I'm happy! haha

could you not buy them online somewhere? would it work out any cheaper?

it is nice to have a decent pair of boots though, you end up wearing them everyday!

Charlie said...

It's nice when people think that your stuff is more expensive! Thanks for the tip about looking online - I actually found some sites now and even with currency exchange and postage it could work out about $60 cheaper to get them and considering I'm a poor student I am not going to sneeze at that!

A said...

I'm lusting after those same boots myself!

Charlie said...

A- I got them a few weeks ago - they are totally worth the investment - they are a dream to walk in and so lovely!