Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grumpy Today

That is what my dog looks like when he's tired and grumpy, and it perfectly expresses how I feel today. Major lack of motivation, although it's getting a bit better now.

Everything on the computer is taking too long, the data allowance has all been used up, and I have to wait till the 25th until everything returns to a normal, less infuriating speed.

Tidying up left me a little bereft, I am a hoarder from way back and very sentimental. I forced myself to be brutal though, and much of my prized possessions (read junk) got tossed. I was telling myself over and over, I can hold onto the memories without holding onto the stuff.
Although I still kept a few things, because the hoarder in me will not die without a fight.
This clean up has left me with positive feelings also, I think I finally got out of a cycle that left me with so much junk. It used to be I would have a tidy up, and keep some stuff, and throw others out. However, next tidy up, the stuff I thought so important to keep would be chucked and new stuff would take it's place. Not this time though! I have never got rid of so much stuff at once in my life!

Next step the wardrobe - this I am going to find infinitely harder than knick knack and keepsakes.

In other news - last post I had a record number of comments! (It was like 10, but this is a big step for me). So I just wanted to thank all you lovely people for speaking up on my blog. It must be the new layout. Also in the process I discovered a few new blogs that I will be getting up to date when the internet is revived. I will also be updating my links with many new exciting ladies!

Peace out my lovelies


QueenBitch said...

Oh I hate running out of data allowence! It sucks big balls.

Im attempting to clean up my room too. So far its resulted in more stuff all over the house!! I'm having a hard time parting with stuff incase I lose the memmories. I'm glad to see you're strong enough to do it!!

gilda said...

i'm feeling like your dog too. very grumpy.

omg cleaning up the room is something i've been doing too and i can't believe all this shit that grows in here. UGH! but i don't want to throw it out!

ana b. said...

Your dog is the cutest thing with his/her floppy ears.

I am a hoarder too. At times I get so mad at all the crap around me but I just can't let it go.

lickmycupcakes said...

Aw your doggles is adorable!
Thank you SO much for my pressies! Super exciting, I was squee-ing with joy at the hello kitty post-its, and those stickers are too cute for words!! I really needed a new sticker stash, Im running low! And the cupcake earring are gorgeous! Thanks so much hun, totally made my day <3<3

vicen said...

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Charlene said...

Yeah it's hard, but so worth it in the end, such a feeling of accomplishment! Oh and Ana - it's a he, his name is basil :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Your dog is adorable! Good luck with everything :) And keep us posted!