Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm not dead

Well I'm not really, although I do believe I am slowly morphing into some kind of creature of the night. I laze in bed till late hours and do not become alive until late in the night, subsequently meaning I get to sleep at a very late and unacceptable hour.

However, I have been engaging in very un creature of the nighty type activities, namely I have been smiling and making small talk with frazzled Christmas shoppers as I wrap their presents. It's good, although I've already had a few people whom I would have rather not wrapped for. So apart from wrapping, and sleeping, my life really hasn't been filled with too much....hopefully that will change soon - something exciting on the Horizon maybe?

Oh and as an aside, listening to Christmas songs, especially modern Christmas songs, on a loop does not put one in the Christmas spirit at is your Christmas shopping going?

Peace out

P.S I have negleted some comments etc, I will get to these I promise as I love all you lovely people.


sparkleandglitter said...

Good to see you posting :) My Christmas shopping is finally on track, just a few things left to order now!

lickmycupcakes said...

Mmmmm wrapping pressies! My fave. Even doing something very similar as a job hasnt dampened my love for wrapping gifts! *Poke* Eeep the creature of the night has awaken!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ello! :) I have given you a blog award. Details are on my blog. :D

A xx

P.S. Coffee after Christmas? :)