Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vintage fun

Just a quick post to tantalise you!

I went vintage shopping today for the first time in ages, and as soon as my exams are over I am going back!
Due to the glowing review from Andrea I stopped by Two Squirrels on Cashel street (in Christchurch) and had a look around. I was not disappointed, while they are still building up all their treasures, they still have many lovely things to peruse. I ended up buying 3 vintage scarves, which I will post very soon, and had my eye on a couple of dresses, and an awesome zip up shirt, but my budget is a little tight. Oh! I forgot to mention the best part - they are running a competition to guess how many walnuts are in the huge glass jar, and if you guess right you can win a gift voucher! I hope I win, I hope I win!!

I also went over to Tete a Tete their sister store and had a look round. There is waaaay more stuff here, it is packed to bursting! They are a few items here too that I am dying to get my hands on, the vintage dresses are to die for. They also have a large selection of vintage jewelery, and I looooove vintage jewelery. I got a small little dragonfly broach here, but wanted sooo much more. There was a gorgeous butterfly broach that I fell in love with - and a pearl ring in a silver setting, but they were both waaaay out of my price range at the moment. However the boy was with me, and possibly got some good ideas for Christmas presents - here's hoping!!

Any way as soon as my exams are over I will be going back to both stores and having a nice long look around, and buying something beautiful - perhaps a dress to satisfy my obsession or a lovely little piece of jewelery. I promise some photos of my goodies soon, just so busy with study right now to get the camera out and load photos on my ancient laptop.


Em said...

Damn the endless supply of awesome stuff and extreme lack of money! I find it to be a struggle each and every day :D

The Paper Doll said...

Feeling jealous - maybe i should make my way up to christchurch in the summer for a day - we could perhaps catch up with Andrea too? Hmmm, plans are forming in my head.

ana b. said...

oooo you're shopping trip sounds great. can't wait for the pictures. and do you also get to keep the jar of walnuts as well as the gift vouchers? i love walnuts.

Em said...

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I can't pull off sequins either- but I wear them anyway. I'm over caring what people think of my clothes. Haha, when my husband invited me to meet his new friends lately he asked me to "try not to dress TOO weird" :D

lickmycupcakes said...

Yoooou've been blogged about!