Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some new things, and some things new to me

I finally got round to uploading photos and all that entails, so here are some things that are making me happy at the moment for you guys to have a squiz at.

Firstly these shoes! There is a bit of a story behind them too. Firstly I saw these in black and fell in love with them, but they were a bit too expensive for me to justify buying them. However the other day I say them on sale, 15% off, and was so tempted. Then I saw them in another store for 25% off! But they didn't have the black, only the cream. So after some thought, I finally decided that the cream ones were awesome and different, and with the extra saving they were totally worth it. So now they are mine mwahahahaha and I love them.

View from the top

Also I do believe I promised some photos of my thrifting trip. Here are pictures of the scarves. The orange and black one is huge, and it has a print of straw hats and flowers on it, how sweet is that! The green and blue one has these weird little round flowers on it which appeal to me for some reason, and the colour was just perfect.



Also here is the little dragonfly broach - it's wings are so sweet and delicate. My boy picked it out for me from a little bowl of them

Dragonfly broach

Also randomly, I went a bit overboard at the shops the other day, and got this on impulse - for $6 yeah! It was 70% off, and looked really cool so I grabbed it in like 2 seconds flat. It wasn't until I started wearing it that I started to really like it. I call it my kissing elephants bracelet

Kissing Elephants

I also bought some bras, and other random things, but not really interesting enough to share with you lovely people though.
There are more photos to come, photos of clothes that I promised some other bloggers I would post up, haven't quite got round to taking the actual photos but it is in the back of my mind!

Peace out


lickmycupcakes said...

Those shoes are freaking sweeeeeeet!!! And I love the kissing heffalumps too! Adorable :)

Charlene said...

I love them so much! They were going to be my expensive shoe buy for christmas, but i just put another pair on layby naughty! I'm so happy with the bracelet, been wanting something like it for ages!

Ulrika said...

Love the shoes and the elephant bracelet!!