Thursday, November 27, 2008

Needing motivation to dress

Venezia - Carnevale 2008, originally uploaded by zipp0san.

Lately I haven't been taking any outfit photos. I have stalled at bit on that front, which is odd because I was so excited in the beginning when I joined wardrobe remix and then started this blog.
I guess the point is that since my holidays started I have lived in my slob clothes - which is really not good enough. It seems that if I don't have a reason to dress up (maybe not as extreme as my masked friend in the picture) then I actually just don't dress.

Take today for example, it is about 4pm now, and I am still in my jammies, and robe. I spent the day watching Mama Mia on DVD with my mum (I got it for her for her birthday, and we saw it twice together in the cinema). So I didn't have a reason to dress because I wasn't even leaving the house. Although I did have the best intentions, I was going to go on a picnic that got canceled because of the weather.

So looking at my slovenly ways I have decided that it is just not good enough, I have so many beautiful clothes that deserve to be worn, and this should be reason enough to wear them. Just because no one in the outside world will see them it doesn't matter, the will be fulfillment their purpose. In fact what is the point in having all these clothes and barely wearing them?? Tomorrow I will make an effort I promise you, although I am going out tomorrow it is irrelevant, I will be dressing up just for the sake of dressing up.

I also think that this will help with my lack of motivation to get going with all the little odd jobs before my summer jobs begin. Also soon I will have have to wear a dreaded uniform for one of my jobs....only for around two weeks, but two weeks too long I say!

Now I know all you fashionable people nearly always look your best, but what motivates you to dress up, or dress at all? (Those jammies are so comfy...)

Peace out


gemmabear said...

dude, i am in the same position... i'm still in my pyjamas as i wrote this and it's 1.30pm here.

i dress up a bit if i'm going out somewhere, even if it's just shopping (clothes shopping, i mean, not grocery shopping... i don't dress up to buy vegetables, lol)

But having said that i have days where i just can't be bothered, and simply throw on a t-shirt and my faithful black skinnies. Don't force yourself to dress up if you don't feel like it.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Um ... tricky question. I agree with Gemma, you shouldn't force yourself to dress up if you don't want to - but here are my reasons. They are many, sorry!

1) I feel calmer, more in control and more energetic when I am dressed nicely. It's a sign that I'm ready to face the world. And on days when I'm not ready to face the world, getting dressed nicely fools me into thinking I am. I also work more efficiently, for some reason.
2) To me, comfort doesn't just mean physical comfort. It also means wearing something that expresses who I am, and something in which I would be willing to bump into an ex-boyfriend or sudden camera crew (well, a girl can dream) without thinking, "Crap, I wish I had put makeup on."
3) It's fun! I see it as another means of artistic expression (sorry to sound pretentious), and if you can inject a little extra beauty and attention to detail into your day, that's always a good thing.
4) It makes life into an occasion! Just another way of pretending I live in a movie, I guess :P
5) The blog actually motivates me as well ... I want to have something interesting to show people. It has definitely kick-started my creativity on days when I think "oh, stuff it."

I do wear jeans from time to time if I'm doing dirty work or riding a horse or something - I have one pair! - and wear trackpants if I'm working out .... and I do love my pyjamas! But the rest of the time, I do really enjoy dressing up.

You've had a stressful few weeks - I think you're perfectly justified in indulging in some pyjama time.

A xx

Ulrika said...

I completely agree with a cat of impossible colour, i see it as artistic expression as well, something I have been trying to explain to my boyfriend many times when we are late for going out because of me, haha. But on other days I just cant be bothered, especially if I have a day off or have been stressed, so dont worry, dressing uo should not be forced, it should be fun ;)

sparkleandglitter said...

I find dressing up a great motivator. If I'm feeling a bit down and can't really be bothered, looking my best can give me that boost that helps me to take on the world!

Of course, often it takes a lot to force me to bother making the first move towards the wardrobe though!

QueenBitch said...

I love ma jammies too!!

I think my main motivators for looking good are.

a)I care what ppl think. Its bad but what can I do? (except not care lol)

b) If I end up getting run over or murdered well I Want to look good (the clothes u wear when you die are what your stuck in. Atleast in my opinion.

c) Comfort.. I wouldnt go out in skinny jeans because they would look disgusting on me. However I would go out in a A-line skirt or perhaps some flared jeans.. What I call comfort might not be someone else's comfort.

d) Sometimes its a booster thing. If I feel like shit but i'm going somewhere I'll dress up to convince myself that I am happy etc.

e) If I've brought something new and want to wear it then I will. lol

lickmycupcakes said...

I am EXACTLY the same. I always want to get dressed up just to take pictures, but there's no point if Im just sitting at home. I need more of a life to be fashionable! I put my PJs on the second I get home from work, and we don't go out a lot, so it's rare for me to have a special enough ocassion to dress up nicely!

lickmycupcakes said...

Ooh! By the way, shoot me an email to get the Australasian Bloggers image instructions! It wont let me post html here!

Charlene said...

You guys all make some really good points! And I dressed up two days in a row! will post photos later. I think the number one thing that is sticking with me is that it's all a matter of choice and anything goes. Long live the pjs!

Oh an andrea - I have the fear too that I will run into someone like an ex and be looking horrible, the horror!