Thursday, November 27, 2008

Needing motivation to dress

Venezia - Carnevale 2008, originally uploaded by zipp0san.

Lately I haven't been taking any outfit photos. I have stalled at bit on that front, which is odd because I was so excited in the beginning when I joined wardrobe remix and then started this blog.
I guess the point is that since my holidays started I have lived in my slob clothes - which is really not good enough. It seems that if I don't have a reason to dress up (maybe not as extreme as my masked friend in the picture) then I actually just don't dress.

Take today for example, it is about 4pm now, and I am still in my jammies, and robe. I spent the day watching Mama Mia on DVD with my mum (I got it for her for her birthday, and we saw it twice together in the cinema). So I didn't have a reason to dress because I wasn't even leaving the house. Although I did have the best intentions, I was going to go on a picnic that got canceled because of the weather.

So looking at my slovenly ways I have decided that it is just not good enough, I have so many beautiful clothes that deserve to be worn, and this should be reason enough to wear them. Just because no one in the outside world will see them it doesn't matter, the will be fulfillment their purpose. In fact what is the point in having all these clothes and barely wearing them?? Tomorrow I will make an effort I promise you, although I am going out tomorrow it is irrelevant, I will be dressing up just for the sake of dressing up.

I also think that this will help with my lack of motivation to get going with all the little odd jobs before my summer jobs begin. Also soon I will have have to wear a dreaded uniform for one of my jobs....only for around two weeks, but two weeks too long I say!

Now I know all you fashionable people nearly always look your best, but what motivates you to dress up, or dress at all? (Those jammies are so comfy...)

Peace out

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some new things, and some things new to me

I finally got round to uploading photos and all that entails, so here are some things that are making me happy at the moment for you guys to have a squiz at.

Firstly these shoes! There is a bit of a story behind them too. Firstly I saw these in black and fell in love with them, but they were a bit too expensive for me to justify buying them. However the other day I say them on sale, 15% off, and was so tempted. Then I saw them in another store for 25% off! But they didn't have the black, only the cream. So after some thought, I finally decided that the cream ones were awesome and different, and with the extra saving they were totally worth it. So now they are mine mwahahahaha and I love them.

View from the top

Also I do believe I promised some photos of my thrifting trip. Here are pictures of the scarves. The orange and black one is huge, and it has a print of straw hats and flowers on it, how sweet is that! The green and blue one has these weird little round flowers on it which appeal to me for some reason, and the colour was just perfect.



Also here is the little dragonfly broach - it's wings are so sweet and delicate. My boy picked it out for me from a little bowl of them

Dragonfly broach

Also randomly, I went a bit overboard at the shops the other day, and got this on impulse - for $6 yeah! It was 70% off, and looked really cool so I grabbed it in like 2 seconds flat. It wasn't until I started wearing it that I started to really like it. I call it my kissing elephants bracelet

Kissing Elephants

I also bought some bras, and other random things, but not really interesting enough to share with you lovely people though.
There are more photos to come, photos of clothes that I promised some other bloggers I would post up, haven't quite got round to taking the actual photos but it is in the back of my mind!

Peace out

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vintage fun

Just a quick post to tantalise you!

I went vintage shopping today for the first time in ages, and as soon as my exams are over I am going back!
Due to the glowing review from Andrea I stopped by Two Squirrels on Cashel street (in Christchurch) and had a look around. I was not disappointed, while they are still building up all their treasures, they still have many lovely things to peruse. I ended up buying 3 vintage scarves, which I will post very soon, and had my eye on a couple of dresses, and an awesome zip up shirt, but my budget is a little tight. Oh! I forgot to mention the best part - they are running a competition to guess how many walnuts are in the huge glass jar, and if you guess right you can win a gift voucher! I hope I win, I hope I win!!

I also went over to Tete a Tete their sister store and had a look round. There is waaaay more stuff here, it is packed to bursting! They are a few items here too that I am dying to get my hands on, the vintage dresses are to die for. They also have a large selection of vintage jewelery, and I looooove vintage jewelery. I got a small little dragonfly broach here, but wanted sooo much more. There was a gorgeous butterfly broach that I fell in love with - and a pearl ring in a silver setting, but they were both waaaay out of my price range at the moment. However the boy was with me, and possibly got some good ideas for Christmas presents - here's hoping!!

Any way as soon as my exams are over I will be going back to both stores and having a nice long look around, and buying something beautiful - perhaps a dress to satisfy my obsession or a lovely little piece of jewelery. I promise some photos of my goodies soon, just so busy with study right now to get the camera out and load photos on my ancient laptop.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Almost forgot about the cupcakes

Well here they are - a bit later than promised but these are my lovely cupcakes! I meant to make them look a lot better, but it was pretty hot and the icing started to get a bit too runny....I was going for a snail shell look, but on closer inspection they just look like swirls. They are very tasty though! I will post the recipe when I get round to it, but I seemed to have misplaced it since I used in, which is not surprising considering the unorganised mess my life is at the moment.
Eat anything delicious today?
Peace out