Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From Harry Potter to Harvard

I came across this when I was late night browsing on hagebutten. Secretly I love the Harry Potter book, well not so secretly really but never really knew much about J.K Rowling apart from whatever the token information in the media was. This is a very good watch though, I would have loved to have heard a commencement speech like this at a graduation (I haven't actually attended my own).

What's interesting is that this year in one of my classes we were talking about how failed experiments are never talked about, and only successes are published. The point one of my lecturers was making is that there is so much to be learned from failure as much as there is to learn from success, and we should never discount what we have leaned just because we have appeared to fail. Well a bit of late night rambling, but you'll understand when you watch the clip. It's quite long, around 20 minutes, but well worth the watch

I tried to embed the video but it wont work so you can watch it here

So guys what did you think?

Peace out

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sparkleandglitter said...

"we should never discount what we have learned just because we have appeared to fail."

I haven't been able to watch the clip yet because I'm at work, but I totally agree with that statement. I believe that everything is a learning experience we need to try and take something positive away from, even if it seems like it's all gone wrong.