Monday, October 27, 2008

Fashion inspiration

At the moment I am going gaga over zebra print, I've never been a big on any kind of animal print, but have developed a soft spot for zebra print, I just love how it looks. Recently I bought an 80s zebra print dress, and some awesome zebra print tights which I still have to wear, although the weather is getting a bit warm for that.

I also love coloured zebra print just as a side, my favourite at the moment is turquoise and black zebra print, I think I'm a little bit attracted to the tackiness of it all, but I have seen it done well.

Also don't you think this photo is gorgeous? I love zebras in general, and this photo is gorgeous - another flickr treasure. Just look at those eyes - inspiration all in its self.


sparkleandglitter said...

That is a gorgeous photo, they're beautiful animals.

The Paper Doll said...

Yay for zebra print!!

Em said...

I am a huge fan of zebra print too! Yay! I bought some stockings on Ebay but they were dodgy, so I sent them back, now I need a new pair!

Charlene said...

oh no, not dodgy stocking! I hate that, hope you find a new pair em! Mine have glitter in them too ;) i will post a photo up soon i think