Monday, October 13, 2008

Do people really do this?

Right now I am watching people do yoga with their dogs on T.V, and if you wonder how that goes, they just seem to be putting the dogs into positions, and the dogs don't look that happy to me. Looking down at my little man stretched out on the bed nibbling on his rope toy I vow to never put him through something like that.

Sometimes new age is crazy - and I'm sorry but dog yoga? Some things should not be done.

Oh god now they are moving on to doggy massage, what's wrong with just a pat or a belly rub? Basil seems just fine with a sratch behind the ears.

It seems my pooch is destined to be unpampered, due to the fact that I am neither rich nor stupid.


gemmabear said...

yep, that is pretty retarded. but you know what is worse? dog weddings. seriously. people actually make their dogs get 'married' with a ceremony and the bride dog wearing a veil and everything. can we say fucked up?

The Paper Doll said...

Teehee, dog yoga!! I wonder if my cat would be interested?