Sunday, September 21, 2008

Starting things off

Well lately I've been getting into reading blogs a lot, I usually use them as a way to procrastinate and they fill this requirement quite nicely!
So I was thinking maybe I would give this blogging thing a go myself, so this is it. As to what it is about, I guess I'll well be mainly fashion based but then again I'll probably talk about what ever I want to get off my chest - hopefully it will interest someone, possible someone in the same boat, or someone who can relate. I'm not really up with the play on all the technology, but i'll be trying my best. I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes, or incoherant sentences - I'm not too fussed about that stuff, I have to worry about that stuff enough in essays!
So I promise to provide at least something interesting to read, and some pretty pictures to look.